Track AdSense And Adsense Keywords

There is a web site that can track your website using your AdSense Pub-ID.

When using features of this website, you can get many advantages:

1. You can track your “lost” sites/blogs that contains your AdSense Pub-ID.
2. You can track any site that using your AdSense Pub-ID.
3. You can prevent someone stealing and misuse your AdSense Pub-ID.
4. You can see the AdSense Pub-ID for any website.

Here’s the URL of “very useful” website that can track your AdSense Pub-ID :

Although this website is based on Japanese alphabet, you can use this website as your tracker.

To track your “lost” website or track any site that using your AdSense Pub-ID, you can fill the “adsense-id” form box with 16 number of your AdSense Pub-ID and press Enter. Don’t put the “pub” at the form box because it will display nothing as a result.

To track the AdSense Pub-ID of any site, simply put the URL at the “URL” form box and you can see the AdSense Pub-ID inside the site.

Adsense Keywords

Use this service to know the value of certain keyword before you add it to your site

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