Add Music To Blog

To Add A Single Song

You need :
1-Song Mp3 file on your PC
2-Server to put your song on
3-Html code of Mp3 player to embed your song

Steps :

Step 1 :
Upload your file to a server that allows you to get direct Url of your song as Google Page Creator , Google Groups and for large files use Archive

Google Page creator

You can use your Gmail account to access the available services offered by Google. Google Page Creator is an easy-to-use free tool that lets you create web pages in your browser and publish them to the web with just one click. It works on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get format. Everything is done on the screen and you do not need to download any software. Pretty much like a simpler version of Pagemaker or other web design tools. The pages you create are hosted on Google servers and your own page will be at

Once you are in it, you will be able to create your webpage – change layout, background color, heading and content font, upload images, and publish.

Once you have uploaded the file, take note of the URL of your file. You may upload as many files as you want, provided that the space for your pages and uploaded files does not exceed 100MB.

Google Groups

Creating a Google group is easy. Click the “Create a group” button.
After Creating your group you will be able to upload files to it

Google pages and Google groups have limits for upload to 10 mb each file with overall 100mb space, but they are fast and your music will play smoothly

to overcome space use Archive


Go to
sign up and upload your files, but you should know that your music will require high speed connection to play smoothly

Step 2 :
Go to Google Gadgets
choose Mp3 player "Add to your web page"
Customize the played and put the Url of the song

You are done.....

To add multiple songs to a single Mp3 player

Use same steps for obtaining direct url for your songs

go to fancygens
And Creat your Mp3 Player Easly

You are done.....

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