Reasons of low Adsense earnings per click

Lot of adsense users receive large number of clicks with low earning
here are some reasons and how to solve this problem

1-Low paying keywords : is the most common reason, you might build a site about something you love, but you find that your keywords are not paying well...
Solution : really I find building a blog or site about something you like is much more better than building a site for adsense , if still haven't built your site yet try to find high paying keywords here
If you have built your site already, you have not got much to do , try to make other pages on your site with high paying keywords.

2-Low paying ads : now there is a lot of sites that pay very low per click
Solution : Filter these sites using competitive ad filter is adsense setup, there is no such list for these sites , for every site there are certain ads that appear , you should try to filter sites that pay low , usually these sites appear more often , so try start with them to filter , change your filter list and try to notice the change per click

3-Visitors : Adsense higher for clicks from Europe and USA
because they are the internet buyers
Solutions : try to attract USA and European visitors

4-Your site language : ads appear according to language
Solution : best is english

5-Your site : every site has a rank and Google adsense earnings and ads that are displayed on your site depend on its rank
Solution : try to get a high rank and put genuine content , aging and continuity is a factor.

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